Voxlap Cave Demo

Sept. 8, 2003:

The wait is over. Today, I'm releasing the first public demo of Voxlap. Lately, Tom Dobrowolski has done some amazing stuff with computer-generated worlds (Look at those screenshots!) and I thought this was too cool to keep a secret. So we put together a little demo for everyone to enjoy!

justfly (09/07/2003) justfly (09/07/2003) justfly (09/07/2003)

Download here -> CAVEDEMO.ZIP (509,972 bytes)

CaveDemo features:

CaveDemo requirements:

Tom has more information about his 3D world and texture generation utilities at his site. He has lots of other cool demos there too. I'm sure he would enjoy some fan mail :)

VXLFORM.TXT (2,674 bytes): Some people have asked about the VXL file format. Here is some C pseudo-code which you can use to plug into your own C applications.

JUSTFLY_SRC.ZIP (15,950 bytes, 11/14/2005): Voxlap Cave Demo main source code. Tom started "justfly" as a little test program for his experiments in Voxlap (which explains the name). Eventually, it turned into the Voxlap Cave Demo. To compile justfly.c, you will need to link it with the Voxlap Engine source code.

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