Voxlap Engine source code

Sept. 14, 2005:

I thought today would be a good time to release the Voxlap engine source code. I would love to see someone (other than Tom or myself) apply their creativity to this engine. My advice would be to think of a totally new type of game - something that could take advantage of the dynamic terrain, and not be easily reproduced in a polygon engine. Good luck!

Voxlap test game (11/04/2004)

VOXLAP_SRC.ZIP (4,503,671 bytes, 09/27/2011) Full voxlap engine source code. Includes engine code, sample game code, sample game data, and plenty of documentation.

09/27/2011 release changes:

08/19/2011 release changes:

Several people have asked me how to increase the voxel resolution from 1024^2*256 to 2048^2*256. Here are the steps for the latest source:

04/20/2008 release changes:

09/14/2005: original release.

README.TXT (13,124 bytes, 09/27/2011) The readme file included with VOXLAP_SRC.ZIP. Includes a more detailed introduction, list of requirements, credits, and license.

SDLMAIN.ZIP (16,297 bytes, 12/19/2006) A port of my WINMAIN.CPP to SDL by Jonathon Fowler This should help speed up ports of any of my programs (not just Voxlap) to other systems.

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